Splish. Splish. Splash. Crash!

That’s the sound of a tiny leak suddenly sending your roof into your lap as you lie on the couch. What starts as a small, gradual problem will inevitably grow into a big, expensive one if you ignore it.

If you’ve noticed dark spots growing on your walls or ceilings, or mold growing where it wasn’t growing before, there’s a good chance your roof is leaking above that area. You can get away with painting over the stains for only so long before the stain becomes a skylight.

But repairing a leaking roof is one of the most common fixes we do. Over the span of a single afternoon, we can have your roof back good as new, whether there’s one leak or 20.

Often times a quick fix today can save you big bucks tomorrow! We’ve completed thousands of repairs from every situation imaginable and we know how to get the most out of your existing roof!

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